The super simple API

Difficulty should be for solving blocks, not for accepting and sending payment. But many developers find it very difficult to integrate cryptocurrency into their website or app. That's why we took the ZeroDifficulty initiative. Using our super simple API, anyone can start accepting and sending cryptocurrency payment within minutes, even from a shared hosting server.


Integrate within minutes

We have designed our API in such a way that users can easily integrate it with their systems within minutes with 2-3 lines of codes. No account creation or complex authentication/authorization. Most of our endpoints require a single GET with some query parameters.

No need to maintain address db table

You do not need to maintain any address database table to store address-user or address-order relation. Just process the received payments only. We store address table on your behalf. Please see the 'orderid' field of our 'Get Receiving Address' API endpoint for details.

We do not store any private key

We do not store any private key on our server, thus reducing the risk of getting compromised significantly. We have designed our system in such a way, so that you can retrieve your fund at any time even if our service terminates for any reason.

Negligible fee

Our fee is 0.2% of received and sent amount, which is not only cheapest in the market but aslso many times lower than others. Many exchangers charge at this rate on daily trades. So this rate is very negligible as as a merchant API provider.

Robust and scalable servers

Our backend architecture is moduar, decentralized and highly scalable. We just add extra server if we add a new coin or workload increases. Our system is designed to monitor millions of addresses.

Complete merchant solution

We know the needs of merchants who want to accept and send cryptocurrency from their website or app. That's why we provide all of receive, send and websocket APIs, for multiple cryptocurrencies, from a single place.